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Episode 1: Animal Haven Shelter


The Project

I love being inspired and New York City is full of inspiring people.

Everyday heroes I call them.

I want to show you who these people are.

Be The Change Blog celebrates the volunteers, the “do-gooders,” the entrepreneurs, and organizations that are making New York City a better place.

So perhaps you and I will become more inspired to be everyday heroes ourselves.

Special Thanks

To Henry, Joyce, Bruce, and Warehouse Productions for constantly inspiring me to Pay it Forward.


To Jen Anderson for making this website.

To my music team.

To all my teachers. 

To Jordan and my family.

Who I Am

My name is Risa.

I can tell you where all the great dessert places are in NYC.

I love love, chocolate, awkward comedies, and adventures.

I sing. I write. I act. I am looking to be inspired

Episode 2: Bottomless Closet

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Episode 3: Operation Backpack  

Meeting these women was so inspiring to me.

Ladies, you make a difference each day in the lives of every woman that walks through your doors. Thank you.

Give: Suits, Business Apparel, Handbags, fake pearl necklaces, jewelry, shoes.

 Kristin, Kristiane, and Rachel, great meeting you!

Seeing all the donated backpacks was so inspiring.

Episode 4: KEEN

Animal Haven Shelter is an incredible

"no kill" shelter located at

251 Centre Street, New York, NY. 

For more information on adopting, donating, or volunteering, go to 

 KEEN stands for Kids Enjoy Exercise Now.

Special thanks to all the families for letting us be a part of your day!

Need: arts and crafts supplies

Episode 5: